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The Now Conda Snowboard Bindings are top of the line all-mountain freestyle bindings for women, constructed from high grade composite and nylon reinforcement for hard charging control and durability. The Skate-Tech design allows for a more natural feel, while a smooth medium flex profile gives you a perfect blend of laid back and precise. These super intuitive bindings will give you the confidence to style it out in the park and master the most challenging terrain around.


Flex Rating – 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Flushcup Technology – Designed to hold boots even without a highback, these have a flush inner surface where the highback meets the heelcup. This gives direct energy transfer between boot and binding.



Flex Hinge 2.0 Highback – Pre-rotated 10 degrees, with a higher medial side to follow your leg angles, a lateral hook for added support, and a flex hinge that dampens chatter and eliminates calf-bite. 15mm Higher than the original Flex Hinge.


Asym SIEVA Ankle Straps – The Asym SIEVA combines the design aspects of the SIEVA straps with the benefits of the Flipit straps. By using the same manufacturing methods as the SIEVA, they've added a TPU reinforcement on the lateral side for extra support. The Asym SIEVA can be used like the regular Flipit straps: just switch your ankle straps to the other foot and change your support setting.


PA66-C Buckle Levers – Made from the same high grade composite blend found in the O-Drive hanger. This material is extremely light and strong, reducing overall buckle weight by 20%.