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If you want to know which piece of kit the Nitro crew uses to connect elite athletes to their boards, now you know. Superior comfort and world class performance are what make the Nitro Team Snowboard Bindings the go-to favorite of Nitro pro riders who demand the best. Premium Comfort Ankle Straps and Vibram® toe straps distribute pressure evenly across your boot to prevent pesky pressure points from developing so you can focus on your style and hucking it down ridiculous lines. If you want a top quality connection of rider to board, check out the durable comfort of the Nitro Team Snowboard Bindings.


Flex Rating – 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Air Dampening – The lightest shock absorbing technology on the planet sucks up hard landings and keeps your heels from getting bruised. This noticeable difference in ride and comfort does not sacrifice any response or control.


Asym Jet Highback


Premium Comfort Ankle Straps – Developed to offer the perfect blend of response and comfort, the 3D thermoform padding and internal 3D spine deliver response and performance while a foam dampening adds supreme comfort.

Übergrip Toe Strap – Co-developed with Vibram, Nitro designed a toe strap that combines the shape and feel of their B.E.S.T. Convertible toe strap concept with Vibram's sticky Xstrek rubber. 


Forged Aluminum Speedwheel Buckles – The strongest and lightest aluminum lever combined with the smoothness of a polymer Speedwheel.