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Icelandic legend Halldor Helgason needed a board that could match his on hill antics, and the Lobster Halldor Pro Snowboard was born! Twin 3BT™ and a true twin shape with a wide center base makes this a supremely playful deck that remains solid underfoot, even when you're rocking it in switch. This board also features two hollow carbon rods through a mixed poplar/paulownia core for a super lightweight piece that takes the heavy hits in stride.

Rocker Type

Twin 3BT™ – A true twin shape great for all kinds of park riding, from jumps to jibs. The centerbase section is wide, making these boards more stable at high speeds -- just what is needed for solid kicker riding. This combination of center and sidebase geometry makes Twin 3BT™ perfect for boards that need high-speed stability without losing any jib capabilities.

3BT™ – Tip-to-tail camber with rockered sidebases in the tips. It's not rocker, it's not camber, it's Triple Base Technology. So when you stand in your bindings the contact edges are lifted up around the tail and nose. The pressure from your weight powers up the camber for pop and precision, and since the edges are lifted out of the snow, you won't catch an edge.


Flex 5 – 1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff


Sidekick™ – The revolutionary Sidekick™ dramatically increases the sidebase uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain.


Light Core – A blend of poplar and paulownia light-wood offers the best strength to weight ratio.


Tri Ax Laminate – This three-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive and is used to beef up the flex pattern.


Ultra Glide S Base – Maximum molecular content for a hardened sintered base that hauls ass. More molecules mean a denser base that can take a beating using ISO-Sport 7000 series as backbone.

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