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The freestyle inspired K2 Meridian Snowboard Bindings are built to let you tweak, grab and get weird wherever you find yourself on the mountain. With a medium/soft flex and Bender™ ankle straps, the Meridians give you the mobility to be creative with your ride without sacrificing stability and control. The Eclipse™ highback incorporates women's specific design for a comfortable fit, while TriPod™ Chassis construction allows for natural board flex and control. Step up to a whole new level of freestyle riding with the Meridian Snowboard Bindings.


Flex Rating – 2 (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)


GF Nylon Performance ProFusion™ Chassis – Simple, tough, and lightweight, the ProFusion™ chassis is the go-to standard in the K2 binding collection. On-board tool-less power ramp and toe strap adjustments to help dial in the perfect fit and ideal power transfer.

Tunable TriPod™ Chassis – A way to rethink the traditional binding baseplate design. Designated to act as the most bio-mechanically efficient chassis possible, the Tripod™ baseplate features power transmission pods that coincide with the three points of contact of the foot and is designed to flex the way that the foot is naturally meant to.



Eclipse™ Highback – Slightly shorter than its men's counterparts and uses female specific geometry to ensure maximum comfort and performance.


Bender™ Ankle Strap – Twist and shout. The Bender™ strap is the most flexible padless ankle strap option in K2's lineup. It was created with the aim to improve freestyle mobility and help you tweak until those bindings creak.


Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Toe Straps – Fitting good and looking better. The Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Strap's engineered to provide maximum adjustability and fit each and every binding, no matter the brand.


EZ Feed Ratchets™ – A wider, tapered ladder opening allows for the easiest of entry.