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The all-mountainest board in the DWD stable, the Dinosaur Will Die Kwon Snowboard has a slight taper, a directional shape, and a setback stance, lending itself to a nose-dominant travel preference. It'll still perform admirably in freestyle situations (it is a Dino, after all), but it's the one you want if you have an eye for natural terrain. With Action Camber, a medium-bordering-on-stiff flex, and a blazing fast sintered base, this is a ripasaurus rex.

Rocker Type

Action Camber – For all-mountain assault, this camber is packed with the three main ingredients, portioned out to perfection. Lowrider camber between the inserts for agility and control, transitioning to Goldiecam out the tips with reverse at the contact points, so it all feels easy.


Flex Rating – 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional – A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are set back from the center between the contact points.

Elliptical Sidecut – A blend of multiple radii from tip to tail that contours to the mountain, helping initiate turns and shoot you out from the tail.


Poplar Core with Birch Stringers – The benchmark standard in cores. Its used in the entire DWD collection and flex is adjusted for each model with core thickness, camber profiles, and additional tech.


Biaxial Fiberglass – A flexible fiberglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in all of the DWD boards.

Basalt V-Booster – A natural material similar to carbon. Placed in a V formation at the tips, this adds power and pop while reducing chatter at high speeds.


ABS Sidewalls – Tried and true. An industry-standard thermoplastic material used when creating sandwich construction boards, ABS adds stiffness and increased durability.


Sintered Base – A strong, high density base with micropores that hold wax. It's finished with a structured texture that helps disperse water and slide fast when regularly waxed.

Additional Features

Envir-O-Resin – Plant-based bio-resin containing 60% renewable and raw materials. It consumes less energy during production due to its ability to cure at a lower temperature.