• BRAT

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The 2019 DWD Brat is for the hellions, the little guys and gals who want to be part of the rat pack but don't have the size to pull off a regular Dinos board. In comes the Brat, with a friendly flex for park laps and all-mountain cruising plus a tough as nails extruded base, this board will stand up to all the punishment you want to put it through and give you bulk snow cred at the same time.

Camber Type: 

Repop Camber/ Flat underneath your feet, and reverse camber out towards the nose and tail of the board, that gives you a profile that is perfect for freestyle and jibbers.


3/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)/ A soft flex rating that will handle all mountain riding, but won't be hard to press and butter.


True Twin/ The true twin shape means that there is no difference in the board no matter which way you ride it. 


3Xtruded/ A tough and dense base material that needs less waxing, and is easy to repair if you damage it.