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A complete re-design of the industry-leading Pulse and Element beacons brings us the new Mammut tBarryvox Avalanche Beacon with improved performance, simpler operation, and better impact resistance. Revamping on a great product is never easy, but Mammut  had the Swiss gnomes working overtime on the new Barryvox. With an enhanced, 70 meter recommended search strip (previously 50 meters), clearer visual interface, and better one-handed operation even with gloves on, the Barryvox sets a new standard in avalanche safety tools.


Improved Display – Backlit display remains clear even when wearing polarized glasses.

Visual Interface – Shows distance, direction and number of buried subjects.

Search Features

Acoustical Search Guidance/ Multiple Buried Subjects – Digital signal processing separates multiple victims.

Marking Function – Buried subjects are listed and can be marked after location.

Search Strip Width – Mammut's industry-leading search strip width has been improved to 70 meters.

Digital Receiving Range – 70 Meters/ Circular Receiving Field – Almost identical receiving bandwidth on X and Y antennas.

Reverse Direction Function – Avoids 180 degree search errors (going past the victim).


3 AAA Alkaline Batteries Only – SEND battery life ~300 hrs; SEARCH ~ 1 hr