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Icarus might have flown too close to the sun, but when you hop on the Capita Mercury Snowboard you might question Icarus' commitment to the send. Fly high, snowboarders, and ride fast with style. This all-terrain menace to the "pizza, french fry" slowpokes is just waiting for permission to launch, get steep and impress in the park. The FSC® Certified Panda Core™ features bamboo rods for extra durability and power, reinforced by V-Tech woven tech tape for a ride that would make the Apollo astronauts envious. Close the airspace, because the Capita Mercury Snowboard wants to take your all-terrain riding to the stratosphere.

Rocker Type

Resort V2 Profile – This revolutionary all-terrain shape provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain, elevated contact points to land and float in powder, and Flat Kick tip and tail arcs for faster, more aggressive transitions.


6.5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


New Age Directional Sidecut with Death Grip™


FSC® Certified Panda Core™ – Super lightweight Certified Core aligned with bamboo power rods.


Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifier – Grid woven tech tape featuring the response of carbon with the dampness of flax.

Holysheet™ Fiberglass + Magic Bean™ Resin – Triax/Biax Holysheet™ has higher glass to weight ratio than normalized fiberglass. Impregnated with high performance plant based Magic Bean™ resin for the most powerful and dynamic ride.


Hyperdrive™ Base – Exclusively formulated, sintered, ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene, custom engineered with special additives. Rated for the most depraved speed junkies only.


360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges


Multitech™ Level 6 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PAM16000™ Topsheet with Metallic Underlay