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Are you sick of the resort getting tracked out by 10AM every powder day? We can't do anything about that, but we can let you in on a little secret: there's always untracked snow somewhere on our little corner of the solar system. If you go far enough into the backcountry, and have enough dedication to the sacred act of sliding sideways through fluff, your efforts will always be rewarded. The Burton Family Tree Pow Wrench Splitboard is the tool of choice for powder aficionados who want the goods and are willing to work for it. It rides short and fat, which means less weight on the uphill, easier handling on kick turns, and better float for when you inevitably find that sleeper stash of white gold.

Rocker Type

Directional Flat Top™ – Flat overall with a rocker nose for the steady stability and effortless float demanded by deep days and surfy terrain.



Twin Flex – The flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch./ Personality – Medium


Directional – The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition.

Pro-Tip – A tapered tip and tail thickness reduces swing weight for easier mobility.



FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Splitboard Core – Stronger and lighter woods target specific areas of the core to provide pop, strength, and reduced weight.

Squeezebox – Burton's most versatile Squeezebox profile improves pop and performance through the balance of thicker, more powerful core sections with thinner, more flexible sections. Rider energy is transferred outward from beneath the feet, energizing the tip and tail while making the board snappier, more stable and easier to manipulate.


Triax™ Fiberglass – Versatile flex and response for everything from mini to mega shred.


Recycled Sintered WFO – Infusing a specially formulated wax deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material results in an ultra-durable base that stays wide open all season and in any condition.