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When you cruise into the park, people start talking, and that's why you ride the Burton Socialite Snowboard. Burton new Off-Axis design element alters key design elements in favor of a park-friendly riding stance, matching your body's natural mechanics for a more confident ride. The Scoop Pro-Tip™ ensures a catch-free ride through the park, on the groomers and better float in deeper snow. Trendsetting one jib at a time, the Burton Socialite Snowboard never fails to help you maintain smooth style.




Flat Top –  A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free, loose feeling you’d expect from rocker. 


Soft and Playful –  At cruising speed, this snowboard is forgiving, playful, and great for progressing. Riders of all ability levels will appreciate the many easy-riding characteristics of a soft snowboard. 

Twin Flex –  Having a twin flex indicates that your board is perfectly symmetrical in flexibility from tip to tail so you gain a more balanced and predictable ride.

Filet-O-Flex –  Some riders want a more flexible board without sacrificing performance. Filet-O-Flex solves that challenge with ultra-thin profiling that creates soft boards that rip with maximum stability, durability, and grip. An additional benefit is subtle suspension and underfoot padding.


Twin Shape –  Perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. Jib, spin, stomp, and butter with a greater balance of freestyle mobility and cat-like stability no matter which way you point it.

Scoop Pro-Tip™ –  Burton's tip and tail altering features come together to give riders a catch-free ride in the park, on the groomers or in the backcountry. This design exaggerates the tip and tail by turning up the edges creating a playful and forgiving ride. 

Off-Axis –  This design element tweaks key technologies (unique to each board) to match the angles of a park rider's stance. This anatomical alignment results in better toe and heel grip, natural flex around the bindings, and a smoother feel during take-offs and landings. 


FSC™ Certified Super Fly® 800G Core –  Light and poppy! This muli-species wood core is constructed with dual-density vertical laminations of alternating wood weights. This produces an extremely lightweight snowboard with long-lasting performance. FSC™ certification ensures that the wood products are harvested from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Dualzone™ EDG™ –  The wood grain is positioned perpendicularly along the toe and heel edges. Engineered Grain Direction provides you with consistent edge-hold and added strength. 

Squeezebox Low –  Burton's Squeezebox improves your boards performance by balancing thicker more powerful core sections in with thinner more flexible sections. Meaning you get enhanced board connectivity, response and predictability. 


Triax™ Fiberglass –  This laminate gives the board an asymmetrical flex with lengthwise stiffness. The result is a board that remains smooth and stable.


Sintered –  Durable and highly porous. Sintered bases add durability to the deck and have superior wax absorption making for fast ride. 

Die-Cut Base –  Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.


Frostbite Edges –  The edges extend out slightly beneath your bindings for tremendous edge-hold on hard, icy conditions. Regardless of the conditions they make your ride easy, playful and always precise.

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