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New for 2017, the Sawtooth slashes into the new collection with a taste for freeriding with style, quickness and speed. Whether it snowed last night or hasn’t in two weeks, the Sawtooth uses camber and technology to lay down deep slashes and fully railed out turns. Our new 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate teams up with bamboo HotRods to power the performance



Free-the-Ride –  In this three zone design, positive camber runs from the rider's front foot to the tail of the board. Up front, a flat camber section extends from the front foot to just short of the contact points in the nose, where Rome has included a small amount of rocker. The result is versatile responsiveness - positive camber in the mid and rear sections let you lock into and explode out of turns, while the flat camber to rocker in the front of the board create enough downward pressure for turning with buoyancy for floating. The positive tail also gives power for slashes and solid landing gear. Great for cranking turns on groomed and un-groomed snow


Directional Shape


Pop Core Matrix –  Do-anything performance that balances lightness, response, and strength with two zones of low-density wood.


HotRods | Bamboo Single Barrel –  A snappy rod of bamboo milled into the core for more pop.

90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate –  New to this year, Rome integrated thin bundles of carbon into a biaxial glass on top and baxial layer on the bottom.


Good Vibes Sidewalls –  Rome takes two segments of traditional ABS material and sandwich it above and below a mid-layer of elastomeric material. This does two things. First, it smoothes out the ride, giving the board a chatter-free feeling on edge. And for strength, the mid layer of elastomeric material absorbs shock to reduce sidewall damage.


SinterTrue Base –  Fundamental sintered performance, this base fuels the speed of many of Rome's mid-level freeride and park boards


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