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The Artifact Rocker from Rome Snowboards is a park killer. The Freepop flat rocker profile armed with glass HotRods keeps this super flexible deck very poppy for ollies into and out of tricks. Flat between the feet, this board is balanced, tweakable and stable on edge. Rockered in the nose and tail, it locks into presses, butters effortlessly , and lets you land creative stuff comfortably.

Since its launch and through all the redesigns, the Artifact positive camber has been a team favorite for laying down style on urban terrain and dialing creative tricks on all the features in the park. The positive camber is the team choice for popping off lips and for popping out of a locked-in trick. It’s no surprise that when a rider like Riley gaps onto a kink in his latest video part, it’s the Artifact base you see

Description : 

Shape: True Twin Shape

Rocker/Camber Profile Free Pop Rocker: Flat between the feet and rocker at the nose and tail. The flat camber zone gives stability and directional response. The Rockered nose and tail give you super pressability and playfulness in all types of snow

Topsheet: Straightbiax Carbon Laminate: This laminate takes the freestyle-oriented flex of 90-degree biaxial fibers and adds in longitudinal carbon strips that increases ollie power without any unwanted overall stiffness

Sidewalls: Rebound Sidewalls: Boards that take a lot of impact on features in the park, this sidewall compound is more elastic than traditional sidewalls. Now you can land disaster more times without damaging your board

Core:Stomp Core Matrix: Zones of high density wood are integrated into a body of responsive wood for added strength and pop.

Base:Impact Base: High density design that stands up to the abuse of park and street snowboarding

Bonus Features :

  • Skatecore Profiling: Gives this board the feel of turning a pair of trucks by slightly thinning the core profile between the feet and increasing core thickness under the bindings. The result is a board that turns like a skate deck, but locks into tricks and pops like a snowboard.
  • HotRods - Glass Single Barrel: Think, hollow tubes of glass placed in channels that are milled into the cores of the board. The rods load up energy when flexed and then pop back dynamically when pressure is released.
  • 2 x 4 12 pack inserts.
  • Made in Austria




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