B.O.D. Series
  • B.O.D. Series

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As our E-Tech II freeride board the B.O.D. excels at pleasing the professional rider.

Our full Poplar wood core packs plenty of pop whilst the mid flex provides a perfect blend of precision and forgiveness. So whether you’re charging an icy chute or bombing a fresh line the B.O.D. will remain stable and responsive. Combined with our 3D camber profile, the B.O.D. has another dimension of versatility. Traditional camber between the feet gives stability and hard snow performance which transitions into a 3D shape in the nose and tail to raise the contact points and act like the hull of a ship, rising above soft snow.

Freeride Terrain Slider

Medium Flex Slider

3D Camber Logo 3D Camber
3D Camber combines traditional camber with a 3D shape at the nose and tail. Just like the back of a spoon, this lifts the nose, tail and contact points off the snow to increase versatility and reduce hang ups in soft snow without compromising stability or grip on hard snow.

3D Camber Profile

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