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Sitting in class or at the office on a pow day is the antithesis of paradise, so get your paws on the Capita Paradise Snowboard so you can cash in on those sick days the next go-round. Inspired by the Outerspace Living series, the Paradise is a freeride angled all-mountain experience that's stable, supportive, and poppy -- yet forgiving and easy to ride at the same time. With the true twin outline of a freestyle board and the camber theory of a freeride board, the Capita Paradise Snowboard offers a confident ride-ability that adventurous souls will love.



Freeride Profile – This revolutionary all-mountain shape provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain and elevated contact points to land and float in powder.


Flex Rating – 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Radial Sidecut – A single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same arc.


FSC® Certified Dual Core™ – Poppy lightweight Poplar core combined with Beech for increased power and durability.


Inlaid Titanal Struts – High strength hardened aluminum wrought alloy integrated into milled channels in the core for structural reinforcement.

Special Blend Fiberglass + Magic Bean™ Resin – Custom weighted Biaxial top / Biaxial bottom = increased strength and durability. Impregnated with reformulated, high-performance plant based Magic Bean™ Resin.


Full ABS1000 Sidewalls


XXX[truded]™ Base – Extruded under high pressure resulting in a super hard and extremely durable surface this is no ordinary extruded base.

Titanal Base Inlay – Titanal is a high strength hardened aluminum wrought alloy with excellent compression strength to weight ratios. A perfect top core structural reinforcement, those 20mm Titanal struts resist longitudinal compression contributing more power to these popular, easy to ride models.


360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges


MultiTech™ Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen – Whether it's a PAM16000™ printed topsheet with silkscreen embellishments, or a sublimated base with silkscreen and die-cut pieces, MultiTech™ sends you further into DeepSpace™.

PAM16000™ Topsheet – Spec'd out to the tits with a mind-boggling sixteen thousand ink jet nozzles, PAM16000™ makes our knees weak and our hearts palpitate. She can now spit out solventless, water-based UV inks at twice the speed with the same deadly accuracy and quality.

DELIVERY1-2 Days processing