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You wouldn't wear bedroom slippers to a rodeo, just like you wouldn't wear stilettos to the hill. But when you finally discover the Burton Stiletto Snowboard Bindings, it'll be another story entirely. These soft snowboard bindings are progressive and forgiving thanks to Re: Flex™ FullBED cushioning and a single-component canted hi-back design. Dial in the perfect fit with the 3D Lushstrap™ and enjoy the locked-in, pressure-free comfort of their Gettagrip Capstrap™. Buttery and playful, these bindings are more comfortable and supportive than heels will ever be, plus they'll make you look just as rad.



Flex Rating: 4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) –  Soft snowboard bindings made to be comfortable, progressive and forgiving. 


Polycarbonate Baseplate –  Buttery and playful for laid-back, relaxing cruising. 

Re: Flex™ FullBED Cushioning –  Full coverage cushioned platform maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue. Anchored to the baseplate, the trap door design makes it easy to access the mounting hardware.


Lushstrap™ –  A comfortable 3D curved design to fit seamlessly across your ankles. The triple axis spine and concealed EVA padding add extra comfort, durability and flex to the binding.

Flex Slider –  Makes strapping in a breeze with a strategically stretched hinging zone that allows the heel strap to flex and fall fully open. Thanks to the science of forced molecular alignment, the Flex Slider is also stronger, making it worthy of Burton's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Gettagrip Capstrap™ –  Grippy rubber wraps response around the toe of the boot for a locked-in fit and pressure-free comfort.


Smooth Glide™ Buckles –  Lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate levers give you season after season of buttery smooth and reliable ratcheting power.


Single Component Construction –  The simplicity of a one-piece hi-back means immediate response. Using Burton's book of material secrets, they can manipulate the overall flex profile -- from buttery to responsive. 

Canted Hi-Back Design –  Your legs don't go straight up, and neither should your hi-backs. This ergonomic design follows the natural contours of your left and right legs to maximize control and comfort. 

MicroFLAD™ –  Burton's tool-free forward lean adjustment system.


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