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If you're a fan of Burton The Channel™ mounting system make it your mission to snag a pair of the mid-range Burton Mission EST Snowboard Bindings. Part of a setup engineered to ensure optimum board feel and flex, the Missions feature single-component EST® baseplates and canted Living Hinge™ hi-backs, making them lightweight and super versatile. Adjust your forward lean and hi-back rotation independently, step into the ultra responsive Reactstraps™ with Flex Sliders, and ratchet down on the Smooth Glide™ Buckles. You'll be glad you stepped up to the Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings.



Flex Rating: 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) –  This mildly stiff model helps riders make quick, technical maneuvers, even at high speeds. Great for all-mountain carving, powerful freeriding and charging through the terrain park.


Single-Component EST® –  By removing the materials from beneath your feet and replacing them with cushioning, Burton is able to drastically reduce weight and explore entirely new designs. With EST®, the possibilities for flex and feel are infinite, and so are the stance options.

30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite –  Slightly more responsive than the Park Blend, yet still plenty playful.

SensoryBED™ Cushioning –  An elevated realm of cushioning, board feel, and extra-sensory control in a versatile, shred-everything package. 


Reactstrap™ –  Minimized construction with a 3D® Curved Triple Axis Spine that provides an ultra responsive wrap and conforms to any boot. 

Flex Slider –  Makes the ankle straps move out of the way so you can step into the binding without obstruction. Burton's Flex Slider has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Gettagrip Capstrap™ –  Grippy rubber wraps response around the toe of the boot for a locked-in fit and pressure-free comfort.


Smooth Glide™ Buckles –  Lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate levers give you season after season of buttery smooth and reliable ratcheting power.


Single-Component Construction –  Simply designed, lightweight and responsive. 

Canted Living Hinge™ Hi-Back –  This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, and allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independently. 

Zero Forward Lean –  Riders who prefer a more playful relaxed feel will love Burton's Zero Forward Lean hi-back design element. You can still crank them forward for the pipe or gnarly carving. 

DialFLAD™ –  The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank ’em forward for icy hits in the pipe like Danny does, or back ’em off for jibbing.


Features Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste

Exclusively compatible with Burton boards featuring The Channel™.

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