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If malavita means "the bad life" in Italian, then bad can only mean good when it comes to the Burton  Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings. These Channel™-compatible freestyle-inspired bindings are a favorite among Burton  team riders and it's easy to see why. Featuring an all-mountain flex and Burton The Hinge™ system, the Malavitas flex dynamically with your legs leading to decreased fatigue and easier ollies. Throw in Burton high-end vibration dampening B3 Gel and the EST® baseplate, plus a Heel Hammock feature for lightning fast response out of your turns, and the Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings are molto buona if you ask us.



Flex Rating: 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) –  Medium-stiff flex for all-mountain freestyle performance.


Dual-Component EST® –  By removing the materials from beneath your feet and replacing them with cushioning, Burton is able to drastically reduce weight and explore entirely new designs. With EST®, the possibilities for flex and feel are infinite, and so are the stance options.

The Hinge™ –  Exclusive to EST® baseplates, this Burton-exclusive technology flexes dynamically with your leg for increased foot roll, less fatigue, and easier ollies.


AutoCANT SensoryBED™ Cushioning System –  Dual-density EVA automatically settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance width or angles for improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and more direct board control.

B3 Gel –  The same cushioning found in Burton's high-end boots for ultimate dampening that's formulated to withstand repeated impacts without breaking down or hardening up in cold temps.

30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Spar –  With 30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Lower


Asym Hammockstrap™ –  Featuring the same minimal and seamlessly comfortable design as the Hammockstrap, this asymmetrical pad and spine shape wraps the boot in response. Flip the straps for increased freedom, or run stock for power and support.

Flex Slider –  Makes the ankle straps move out of the way so you can step into the binding without obstruction. Burton's Flex Slider has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Supergrip Capstrap™ –  This minimalist design merges two materials into one technologically advanced toe strap. A firmer material in the spine provides a supportive and lightweight skeleton, while a softer over-molded material improves boot wrap and comfort.


Double Take Buckles w/ Insta-Click –  Be the first to drop in with the rapid ratcheting of Burton's Double Take Buckles. Helical teeth and "Insta-Click" engagement combine for increased torque per crank, faster uptake, and fewer cranks to tightness. The result: vastly improved strength, speed, and ease-of-use.


Canted Living Hinge™ Hi-Back –  This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, and allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independently. 

Zero Forward Lean –  Riders who prefer a more playful relaxed feel will love Burton's Zero Forward Lean hi-back design element. You can still crank them forward for the pipe or gnarly carving. 

Heel Hammock –  This reinforced rubbery material wraps response around the heel of any boot. Run your straps a little looser and still get lightning fast response out of turns with your heel cradled in complete suspension. 

DialFLAD™ –  The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank ’em forward for icy hits in the pipe like Danny does, or back ’em off for jibbing.


Features Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste

Exclusively compatible with Burton boards featuring The Channel™.


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