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Dynamic freestyle integration. Bent Metal Binding Works’ softest snowboard binding has a flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial Calcium Fiber Drive Plate that unites with your boot giving you freedom of movement and positive freestyle response.

Flex Control System Soft Urethane flexes with your boot for a smooth response and progressive freestyle snowboarding in any terrain. Soft flexing biaxial fibers transmit positive edge to edge performance and allow creative freestyle flexibility. 




Flex Rating: 4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) –  Medium Soft


Flex Control Composite Drive Plate –  Like little snowboards for your bindings the Flex Control Drive Plates are made at Mervin Manufacturing in the USA by their skilled snowboard Kraftsmen. Mervin’s best manufacturing practices of carefully sourced environMENTALly nicer materials, zero hazardous waste manufacturing and personal attention to detail from a Kraftsmen with real “snowboarder” knowledge are all applied to these power transferring Flex Control Drive Plates.

Flex Modulator –  Calcium Bi-Ax

Drive Plate Flex –  4/10


Light Form Ankle Strap –  An advanced IMEVA foam pad formula is both comfortable and lightweight with a lightweight structural performance core.

Light Form Toe Strap –  Offers a dynamic fit and light weight for maximum performance. A molded grip helps to secure the strap in place.


Forged Aluminum Buckles –  Hardened for ultimate strength, these buckles are lightweight with a smooth entry and release.


Ergonomic Highback

Matrix –  Urethane

Highback Flex –  4/10

The Cube –  The fastest and easiest forward lean adjuster ever with urethane dampening.


Pivot Disk –  The Pivot Disk offers a reduced size that increases the true board flex zone and drive plate power. Compatible with both 2x4 mounting patterns and The Channel™ mounting system from Burton.

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