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The 2019 Bataleon She W is a high end park board for the girl that has a focus on freestyle and demands the best from her gear. Featuring a soft flex and Twin 3BT shape with Mellow Camber, the She W is super easy to press and is naturally a rail killer, but added carbon stringers make it torsionally stiffer so it's surprisingly stable for hitting the jump line and going fast. A playful flex in a high performance park board, the She W is a versatile freestyle twin that will keep your lines creative while still giving you all the support you need. 

Board Type: Park

Camber Type: Twin 3BT

Twin 3BT is a versatile freestyle focused profile with a wide centrebase for added stability at speed without losing jib capabilities. Perfect for all kinds of park riding.

All 3BT boards have a positive camber profile but vary in the degree of camber and uplift across the width of the board. The She W has a Mellow Camber profile, which allows it to flex and float easier but still stay poppy and responsive.

Sidekick - Sidekick dramatically increases the amount of uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, enhances float, and improves handling in rough terrain. 

Flex: 3/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

A soft flex that's super easy to press but is torsionally stable for jumping.

Shape: Twin

This board is a true twin, meaning it's perfectly symmetrical for riding both switch and regular.

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