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The directional Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard was built for the white room. New for this season, Bataleon introduces a refined 3BT profile and SideKick tips for increased surface area. The sidebase uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail are designed to increase float while also keeping the ride solid through rough or hardpack terrain. Love to ride, love getting of piste, love powder? Then prepare to love the Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard.



Mellow Camber

Pow 3BT™ – Designed with a directional tapered shaped, the narrowest centerbase, larger sidebase uplift area, and more angle in the nose than in the tail. The setback design provides better backseat comfort and control at speed, in powder, and in variable conditions. This shape and its large nose are designed to stay afloat on the deepest days.

SideKick™ – SideKick™ tips increase the sidebase uplift on the widest points of the noise and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder, and improves handling on rough terrain.


3 – Soft and Playful


Directional Tapered Outline

Sidebase Uplift – Tip: High Uplift | Tail: Low Uplift


Reactor Bamboo – Full poplar with bamboo along the rails from tip to tail. The bamboo strengthens the board's sidewalls and edges against impacts while distributing smoother and stronger edge hold.


Biax Laminate


Super Slick X – Not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. That means it's super slick, durable and maintenance-free.

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