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Perfecting that Euro Carve? We have the board for you. Lay out that edge on the Bataleon The Carver Snowboard. With its wide body, toe or heel drag are a thing of the past, while Bataleon  signature 3BT™ shaping allows the board to remain fully on edge even with the extra width. New SideKick™ tips increase the 3BT™ sidebase uplift to create an even smoother turn initiation, and a snappy bamboo/carbon core gives you the snap you need to pop in and out of turns with ease. From slashing pillows to slalom turns, the Bataleon The Carver Snowboard is a turn-loving animal that's chomping at the bit to get after it! 



Dynamic Camber

Freeride 3BT™ – The directional shape has a narrow centerbase with more sidebase uplift area and angle in the nose than in the tail. The tapered shape, sidecut and setback stance are optimized for backseat steering, high-speed traction, and maximum powder float, and the narrow centerbase generates swift edge-to-edge transfer and quick powerful carves.

SideKick™ – SideKick™ tips increase the sidebase uplift on the widest points of the noise and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder, and improves handling on rough terrain.


6 – Medium-Stiff


Directional Tapered Outline

Sidebase Uplift – Tip: Medium Uplift | Tail: Low Uplift


Reactor Light – A blend of Swiss paulownia and poplar woods with bamboo along the rails from tip to tail. The bamboo strengthens the board's sidewalls and edges against impacts while distributing smoother and stronger edge hold.

Carbon Stringers – Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response and smooth dampening to a board.


Triax Plus – The flyweight version of traditional triaxial fiberglass. Light, strong and responsive.


Ultra Glide S – Maximum molecular content for a hardened sintered base that hauls ass. More molecules mean a denser base that can take a beating using ISOSPORT7000 series as a backbone.

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