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There are worse vices in this world, so fuel your freestyle addiction for big hits and kinked rails with the Arbor Relapse Snowboard. This true twin snowboard forgoes gimmicky designs and sticks to tried-and-true camber for insane levels of pop and powerful response. Its combo of camber and a medium-soft flex lets you effortlessly press and butter while maintaining enough snap to send big kickers and natural side hits.

Traditional camber offers superior pop, response, and edge hold so you can boost big jumps and fire up big ollies, while the softer flex allows for tweaked presses on rails and smooth butters. Inlaid ash on the Power Ply topsheet gives the board better energy return, and it's actually sustainable unlike the toxic plastics found in the topsheets of most snowboards. Arbor gave the Relapse an extruded base so it's easy to repair after you thrash it in the park. When it comes to proven park performance, it doesn't get much better than the Arbor Relapse.

  • Classic park performance for riders who crave pop
  • Traditional camber offers pop, response, and edge control
  • Medium-soft flex goes from rails to jumps
  • Sustainably harvested Single Malt core is light and lively
  • Biax fiberglass is torsionally soft for smooth turn initiation
  • Power Ply ash wood topsheet enhances strength and snap
  • Extruded base is easy to repair and maintain
  • Arbor crafts boards with an emphasis on environmental consciouness

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